Historic Analysis of a Stock

We allow you to see how a stock performed in a certain month for the last 10 years so that you can have a better sense of its potential upside and downside.
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Stocks with Top Volume on July 31, 2015 - 2 pm PDT

Stock% ChangeVolume
NewStar Financial, Inc. (News)4.61% 35,055
Grupo Televisa SA (TV)1.78% 1,476,662
Vaughan Foods Inc. (Food)0% 0
Techne Corp. (Tech)-0.57% 243,479
International Business Machines Corp. (%)0% 0
N/A ($)0% 0
Center Bancorp Inc. (CNBC)0% 0
ACE Limited (ACE)0.17% 4,031,408
Aixtron AG (AIXG)6.68% 41,631
Autoliv, Inc. (ALV)0.31% 485,588
N/A (AR)-1.93% 2,589,838
AstraZeneca PLC (AZN)0.15% 1,054,251
The Chubb Corporation (CB)-0.32% 5,667,480
CenturyLink, Inc. (CTL)1.56% 6,924,981
California Water Service Group (CWT)5.44% 530,637
Diebold, Incorporated (DBD)3.28% 1,324,513
N/A (DLPH)0.75% 3,300,777
eHealth, Inc. (EHTH)4.97% 558,896
Gen-Probe Inc. (GPRO)0.66% 9,906,559
Guidance Software, Inc. (GUID)13.91% 348,282


ETF Spotlight: Mid-Cap Value ETF funds

ETFYear to Date (%)One Year (%)Three Year (%)
iShares Russell Midcap Value Index (IWS)3.039.8921.36
Vanguard S&P Mid-Cap 400 Value Index ETF (IVOV)3.229.8520.44
iShares S&P MidCap 400 Value Index (IJJ)3.449.7520.47
SPDR S&P 400 Mid Cap Value ETF (MDYV)2.949.6620.59
Russell Contrarian ETF (CNTR)-0.127.91NaN
iShares Morningstar Mid Value Index (JKI)3.007.8022.64
iShares Dow Jones Select Dividend Index (DVY)-0.517.4216.44
PowerShares Fundamental Pure Mi (PXMV)1.317.4122.91
First Trust Multi Cap Value AlphaDEX (FAB)1.645.1219.93
Vanguard Mid-Cap Value ETF (VOE)3.7311.4722.45
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